Friday, March 23, 2007

Metal Teeth Vs. Iron Cock

Welcome to another amazing installment of monsters of cock. This week we had the beautifuly hot honeydejour pay us a visit. She was hungry...hungry for the monster cock that is. In fact thats all you she would talk about. So I decided to introduce her to the one and only Castro. Watch honeydejour prove that this small petite girl with a tight pussy and nice soft tits has what it takes to take all thirteen and a half inches in her throat and deep in her pussy.


Few Words Guy But Carries A BIG COCK

Hey whats going on guys. This week we met up with Cadence Calibre who came to me all the way from Cali-forn-I-A for some monster size cock. Of course she came to the right place. We met up with our quiet but deadly friend Castro who was willing to help her out with her situation. Castro may not say much but he carries a big cock and it does all the talking for him. So watch Castro as his cock strikes a perfect conversation with cadence's mouth, her warm wet pussy and her tight ass.


Enter The Great White Cock!

Yo whats going on fellas! Im back this week to tell you about this hot redhead that contacted us with a craving for fat monster cock. She came from Texas, juicy ass, nice tits and guess what the carpets match the drapes if you know what i mean. Enter THE NEW GUY we decided to award her with the opportunity of breaking him in for us. Steve is his name and hes our new monster star. So enjoy this episode.


Pretty Long For A White Guy

Burr! Man its cold out in Miami this week. Totally unexpected I thought it would be nice and warm this week. Thats why I told Steve to meet me at the pier off of one of Miami's illustrious beaches. We were waiting to meet up with Alexa a hot blonde bombshell who had an insatiable craving for big cock. The catch is she only wants white cock, you see shes banged a lot of the brothers and decided it would be nice to have some white meat inside her small tight pussy for a change. So I knew Steve was the man for the job and he didn't let her down. So check it out its a good one.


The Cock-o-thon

Ok if your sitting down right now, now is a good time to get up. We have excellent news...Ramon is BACK! (ok allow time for you to jump for joy.) OK. Thats right our missing brother has found his way back to us. So we thought it would be a good idea to have Ramon and Castro face off. Original monster vs. New Skool Monster. This is going to be the ultimate in double penetration. And our girl Emily is up to the task as she puts all of Castro's thirteen inches down her throat all the while, Ramon is going to be stretching out Emily's small tight pussy all at the same time. So sit back down and check out the title match of the year. Battle of the monster cocks.


The Pool Shark

Yo everybody whats up! This week I called over my freind cristina for a little bit of pool and a little (Big) surprize. After a little play time i got her to take of those bothersome clothes and reveal her total naked beauty. I watched her show me a whole new way to play pool. Then my boy Castro showed up and he showed her a real pool stick. Needless to say we forgot about the pool game and the hot sex comenced. This is got to be the greatest game on earth. Check it out.



Julie is an old friend. I've seen her spreading her ass all over south beach. I figure she might as well spread her as well spread it for one of my films, and she does in a big way with a little help of Roberto's fat cock. No bull shit big dick in a tiny ass. Check it out.



Daysy is a beautiful, small, almost perfect little lady. Glancing at Roberto's immense cock she decided that wanted to feel the sensation of a virgin again. Roberto more than complied, sqeezing his cock into her until she howed like a banshee. Then rearranging her jaw structure with a blow job that was no small task, and a gushing reward for her labors !


Thursday, March 22, 2007


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Can you find a pair more meant to be put together. You've got the best of both worlds a monster cock match up with some monster titts. We've been looking to get a good titty fucking shot with Samantha and we finally did it with the only dick that wont get lost between those huge beautiful titts.